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Welcome to the GUM Guides!

This project, a collaboration between MicroWiki and the Grand Unified Micronational, aims to teach you how to build your own successful micronation. We will provide tutorials aimed at all levels of micronationalists, whether you're a newbie or a veteran member of the community.

Our guides are split into three series: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. If you are brand new to the world of micronations, check out our Basic series, which will cover everything you need to know to get your first micronation off the ground, such as how to come up with a good name, designing a simple flag, and where to find your first citizens and territory. You can get started here.

In our Intermediate series, we will help you create more intricate national symbols such as a coat of arms, a national anthem and a currency. We will teach you how to keep your fledgling government running smoothly, covering proper record-keeping, building a website, writing your first constitution, how to run fair elections, and much more. If your micronation is established and looking to move to the next level, the Intermediate series is for you - you can get started here.

If you've been involved in micronations for a long time, and are looking for specialist advice to really help your nation stand out, our Advanced series covers topics such as space programs, state visits, conlangs, sport and heraldry. The Advanced series starts here.


This site is hosted by MicroWiki on behalf of the Grand Unified Micronational. MicroWiki, established in 2005, is the world's foremost encyclopedia on micronations. The Grand Unified Micronational, founded in 2009, is an international association of micronations with over 40 member states, most of which are part of the MicroWiki community. The content of these guides is written and endorsed by the members of the GUM.