Thank you for your interest in the Cupertino Guide. We are currently settling in this wiki, sorry about any inconveniences. We hope to finish work by the end of this week!

The naming standard for the Cupertino Guide on will be changed; refer to Guides:Changed naming standard.

The Cupertino Guides project is a project aimed to educate new micronationalists in developing their micronation, as well as to edit on MicroWiki. The project is written collaboratively by several Cupertino Alliance delegates and is licensed by the Cupertino Printer under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0). This project also includes videos and other sites hosted externally, for which the license may not apply there. Please consult with the copyright holder for licensing information. The Cupertino Alliance has not been contacted nor paid by any company to endorse their products, however, we may voluntarily endorse various services through personal usage.

The contents of the former GUM Guides are archived at Archive/GUMGuides. The Cupertino Guide on is located at Please continue using the Cupertino Guide on until our transition is complete.


  • Various MediaWiki things need to be invoked
  • Interwiki hyperlinking variable needs to be found out
  • Can't view photos on media viewer
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